A new approach to IAM frameworks

How To Mature and Create an Effective IAM Framework

IAM framework should answer two questions: what users have access to and what that access allows. We offer a program to quickly address these questions, creating a top-down model of entitlement landscapes and constructing bottom-up user templates to enhance IAM processes efficiently and effectively.


Contextul Partnership

The Impact Team is pleased to announce our latest partnership with Contextul, a market leader in compliance management solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to navigate the complex landscape of data privacy and compliance seamlessly.

Partnering with a Consulting Firm for Role-Based Access Control Implementation

Navigating ECB Audit Compliance

In the wake of heightened regulatory scrutiny from the European Central Bank (ECB), financial institutions face the daunting task of ensuring rigorous compliance, particularly in cybersecurity and data management practices. A critical component of this compliance is the implementation of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), a sophisticated system that regulates access to sensitive data based on user roles. However, the complexity of RBAC systems, coupled with the stringent requirements of an ECB a

The Impact Team PMI Service

Why M&As Deliver Better Results with an Active Post Merger Integrator Partner

We specialise in transforming the complexities of M&A into a seamless integration experience, ensuring that your company not only survives but thrives. With our expert guidance, you'll navigate the post-merger landscape with confidence.

New York City Skyline

The Impact Team commit to New York City

The Impact Team is thrilled to announce the opening of its new office in the heart of New York City. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone for the company as it seeks to strengthen its position in the financial hub of the United States.

The Impact Team Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Impact Team Advisory Board has been created to bring the best of the best together with the fundamental purpose of helping shape our cutting-edge solutions in response to today’s ever changing problem statements.

Gain complete context on any device or user in your environment

Axonius for IT Operations and DevOps

The IT landscape has experienced unprecedented transformation, having major repercussions for companies of all sizes when it comes to ensuring control of asset management. The biggest threat to asset management success is the exponential surge in complexity of today’s digital environment at a never-increasing rate of change. Using Axonius can deliver operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and maximise ROI on hardware, software, mobile, data centre, and cloud asset investments.

We reduce your risk by giving you visibility over your own applications

The Perils of Unidentified Applications in Enterprise Environments

Modern enterprises face increasing risk from the lack of transparency around their applications. In the pursuit of operational efficiency security is often compromised and effective management is left to trail behind. In this article we highlight some of the primary issues we see organisations facing and highlight why these need to be addressed.

The Impact Team and ThreatModeler Logo

Introducing ThreatModeler

The Impact Team completes the integration of ThreatModeler into their portfolio of services. ThreatModeler is an industry leader in threat modelling and securing cloud infrastructure from design to deployment.

Staff Augmentation

Our capabilities: Staff Augmentation

The final article in our series about our capabilities at the Impact Team. We discuss how our approach to staff augmentation underpins all the work we do, and how it would allow your organisation to make big steps in whatever projects are most important.

Change Management

Our capabilities: Change Management

This is the third in our series of articles about our capabilities at the Impact Team. We discuss how our change management services can help your organisation change effectively, efficiently, and in the long term.

The Impact Team & The Felix Project Logos

The Felix Project Fund Raiser

The Impact Team is pleased to announce the completion of a company wide challenge to raise funds for The Felix Project. This month long challenge has resulted in us walking 3,933,165 steps and raising over £600.

Impact / Glock Banner

New acquisition: Glock Enterprises

The Impact Team is pleased to announce the acquisition of Glock Enterprises, a specialist supplier of consulting services and software in the Cybersecurity sector. The acquisition extends the existing Cyber capabilities of The Impact Team and brings new client partnerships in the firm’s largest market segment, Financial Services, as well as expanding reach into other verticals.

An abstract digital painting showing spheres and cubes floating in dim light

Measuring Digital Maturity

There are many ways of measuring digital maturity and it’s rarely a simple tickbox exercise on what’s good or bad. Competency, organisational uniqueness, attitude and approach mean that your journey through different maturity levels will be unique to your business.

A man holds an iPad showing an annual calendar next to a laptop showing a variety of charts

Boom and Bust: Budgets & People

If we can’t find a way to smooth the curve of supply, we don’t just face the problem of the spike - we lose knowledge, we lose pace and we leave the business frustrated that we can’t deliver in the timeframe we would have achieved had we not had to align our skills management to the arbitrary measure of the Gregorian calendar.

An image showing a man standing on top of a mountain with the quote "The biggest risk is not taking any risk" by Mark Zuckerberg.

You Can't Release That!

If you’re a bank or other financial organisation and you’re releasing software in production, you’re not supposed to take risks. Forget the fact that our entire financial industry is based on risk, software is supposed to be safe as houses, and not put the business ‘at risk’.

A meeting room with people sitting at a conference table whilst someone stands by a whiteboard containing post-it notes

Bootstrapping Agile Delivery inside Financial Services

A great deal has been written about Agile in recent years and although most financial firms have already embraced this method over traditional waterfall ways of working within the product and IT domains, few have properly been able to transform to their organisations’ operations around a progressive multi-disciplined agile agenda.

A blank sheet of paper on a desk surrounded by pens and pencils

Change as Usual (CAU): The Case For Never Starting A Project

A lot has been said about the differences in organisational construct when tackling a particular project versus dealing with the business as usual (BAU) tasks associated with running your firm. What methodology works best? Do you fully embrace Agile or are you wedded to Waterfall ? Or do you implement a blend of the two and benefit from a mixed output as a result, like most organisations?

A top-down image of people working at a desk showing laptops

Project Communications: Keep This Workstream Front & Centre

Perhaps the Communication Workstream sometimes gets overlooked as being slightly nebulous, a soft requirement in a world of pressured deliverables. But it really is essential for validating progress, ensuring adherence to a common goal, and for uncovering issues and risks which might otherwise end up siloed in a single group within the programme.

A laptop on a desk in front of a window

Ways of Working: Technology, Tools & Attitude

When it comes to attitude, no tool can make a person embrace a different way of working. But seeing projects succeed certainly can, and we look to positively reinforce our personal experiences regularly. We encourage over-communication. We certainly find that the more we communicate, the fewer opportunities there are for blockers to not be brought to light and for solutions to be identified more quickly, and with greater creativity.

Headshots of Mark Rothwell-Brooks and Mike Davey over a title slide entitled "Design Systems"

The Experience Practice: Design Systems

There’s a lot of discussion in the Digital space at the moment about Design Systems: what they are, why they are important and what benefit they deliver to organisations.In the first of a series of conversations, Mike and Mark touch on the topic.

Headshots of Mark Rothwell-Brooks and Mike Davey over a title slide entitled "Design Operations"

The Experience Practice: Design Operations

Everyone knows about DevOps, but what about DesOps?

A woman works on a laptop in a coffee shop by a window

Ways of Working: Adaptability Is the Key

To be most productive, embrace the flexibility of working remotely. Trust your colleagues to do the same. You might just find that you get just as much, or more, out of your day than when you lost 2 hours of your day to travel.

A woman holds a phone whilst sitting at a laptop

Digital Transformation in Banking

There’s a significant benefit to declaring victories early on in a programme, even if those victories are seemingly inconsequential when compared to the bigger picture or goal. Success breeds success and achievements are not only psychologically important for the execution team themselves but equally so for your stakeholders. Planning those quick wins and identifying how they would be measured is crucial.

Headshots of Mark Rothwell-Brooks and Joe Wilks over a title slide entitled "IR35 Reform"

IR35 Reform

Joe Wilks and Mark Rothwell-Brooks talk about IR35 reform.

A post-it note with a lightbulb drawn on, stuck to a cork pinboard

Agile Working in a Digital Bank: Launching into Production. Is It Working?

To get things live, you’ve got to work with the system, not ignore the system. Agile when done correctly does deliver the capability to launch product and iterate swiftly. Uber and Monza are classic examples of this, but their starting positions were not saddled with 150 years of DNA that is counterintuitive to the core belief that better is the enemy of the good.

A stylised image of a human brain

Not Just Thinking, But Doing

In order to fairly and objectively assess what’s happening in your firm, your department, or your team, whether it’s BAU, a tactical project or a strategic plan, you need to be open and willing to accept that you’ve got it wrong, you’re

A man sits across a desk from two women who are reading a CV in front of them

The Curse of the Broken Hiring Process

Top talent is on the contract market for less than 2 weeks - at best. If you expect the candidate to hang around whilst you go through a protracted process of approvals, second or third interviews, background checks, contractual back and forth before making an offer, then chances are, you’re wasting your time. The Impact Team have a series of accelerators that help you change the root cause of the delays, streamline your demand assessment, and more effectively manage the supply options.

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