Measuring Digital Maturity

There are many ways of measuring digital maturity and it’s rarely a simple tickbox exercise on what’s good or bad. Competency, organisational uniqueness, attitude and approach mean that your journey through different maturity levels will be unique to your business.

We measure digital maturity using a model which is the product of many years of consulting within and for organisations of all sizes. We developed it as a direct response to the new reality for most organisations: digital products and services are now part of your core business.

The model assesses and scores across a few key areas:

  • Design thinking (are you creating the right products & services, for the right people, for the right reasons?)
  • Design language (how well is yours defined and maintained?)
  • Ways of working (do you have a clearly defined set of methodologies?
  • Data (is it at the heart of your decision making?)
  • Tooling (are your tools helping or hindering?)
  • People (are your people truly bought into your vision?)

It’s not enough to be meeting the criteria in one or two areas; you should be looking to achieve a level of maturity across all areas of the model. And whilst the model indicates potential areas for improvement, quite how you do that is – again – going to be unique to your organisation.

That’s where we come in. We can not only help you understand where you are and where you want to be on the maturity scale, we can help you plan how to get there. We've written a whitepaper on digital maturity – to get your copy, take our interactive Digital Maturity Quiz to see how you stack up and we'll email you a copy.

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