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A Better Way To Process DSARs

The purpose of a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) is to provide individuals with the ability to control, monitor, and request corrections to their personal data. Organisations receiving a DSAR are generally required to respond within a specified timeframe, usually one month, providing the individual with the requested information free of charge.

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Best Practices for Role Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is a vital access control model that enhances security, streamlines administration, and supports compliance efforts. It is a versatile tool for managing access to resources and systems in organisations, providing a structured approach to access rights that aligns with job roles and responsibilities. Properly implemented RBAC can significantly enhance an organisation's information security posture.

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PMI Services - Let's Build Your Tomorrow, Today

We specialise in transforming the complexities of M&A into a seamless integration experience, ensuring that your company not only survives but thrives. With our expert guidance, you'll navigate the post-merger landscape with confidence.

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Axonius for IT Operations and DevOps

The IT landscape has experienced unprecedented transformation, having major repercussions for companies of all sizes. The biggest threat to asset management success is the exponential surge in complexity of today’s digital environment at an ever-increasing rate of change

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Core Components of a Digitally Mature Organisation

If you're wondering how you can improve the effectiveness or efficiency of your digital operation, then this free whitepaper is for you. Read about the core components of a digitally mature organisation, and learn how to put them into practice for your business.

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Post-pandemic vulnerabilities exposed by hybrid working and the distributed workforce

The Impact Team have partnered with idax Software, a world-leading identity analytics company. This whitepaper from idax highlights the growing threat of ransomware and the increasing vulnerabilities caused by insiders since 2020.

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ESG Report 2023

In line with our commitment to transparency we will publish an ESG report annually and will include the context and data for our operational impact. This ESG report is for our fiscal year 2023 (1st November 2022 - 31st October 2023).