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A Better Way To Process DSARs

The purpose of a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) is to provide individuals with the ability to control, monitor, and request corrections to their personal data. Organisations receiving a DSAR are generally required to respond within a specified timeframe, usually one month, providing the individual with the requested information free of charge.

PrivacyManager™ by Contextul is an intelligent machine learning platform that analyses, extracts and auto-redacts PI data.

Typically, using the software to augment your human workforce to respond to DSARs means you save approximately 45% of operational cost.

With just a few datapoints, you can model your own DSAR response costs and see what operational cost saves you would benefit from.

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Privacy Rights Automation

Instantly discover, delete, rectify, or otherwise take action on a requestor's data across all relevant systems to eliminate manual tasks. We provide support for numerous cloud and on-premises systems, as well as structured and unstructured data, allowing you to flag data for review regardless of its location or format.

Differentiate Data Subject from Others

Easy to find and manage.
Easy to redact third-party personal information at scale.
Working locally is blazing fast and completely secure within your own environment.

We let you

Collaborate and share notes with co-workers. 
Manage "responsive" and "non-responsive" data for complete data transparency.