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Core Components of a Digitally Mature Organisation

This whitepaper is intended as a useful reference for anyone looking to improve the effectiveness or efficiency of their digital operation.

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It is the product of working with many complex organisations with varying states of maturity in the digital space. We’ve boiled our learning down to some core components that are relevant for anyone looking to improve the efficiency and/or effectiveness of their digital operations.

Whether you’re focusing on a particular project or managing a larger portfolio, this whitepaper provides simple tips on the core components you’ll need to be successful.

Topics in this whitepaper

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is at the heart of ensuring we create the right products and services, for the right people, for the right reasons.

Design Language, Structure & Management

To be effective, a design language must be based on standards. The standards you use will ensure the language can be applied effectively across a range of use-cases.

Ways of Working

For us, ‘Ways of Working’ is a good catch-all term for a group of important activities that are distinct, but certainly interrelated – everything from methodology to governance.

Creating a Data-Driven Culture

A truly mature digital organisation will have data at the heart of its operations and decision-making. Many organisations collect a multitude of data without really questioning why or what it will be used for.


Deciding on the right tools, and provisioning them in a way that works for the various digital functions is fundamental, yet is not always applied well.

People & Community

Ultimately, we rely on the quality, dedication and motivation of our people. Digital processes rely on a huge amount of collaboration, regular communication and cross-functional working – perhaps to a higher degree than any other type of business operation.

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