Axonius for IT Operations and DevOps

The IT landscape has experienced unprecedented transformation, having major repercussions for companies of all sizes when it comes to ensuring control of asset management. Asset management was once a relatively simple task, requiring teams to answer questions such as, “How many computers and printers are in our physical office space?” Today, asset management has become a strategic cornerstone of businesses worldwide, helping to deliver operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and maximise ROI on hardware, software, mobile, data centre, and cloud asset investments.

The biggest threat to asset management success is the exponential surge in complexity of today’s digital environment at a never-increasing rate of change. Distributed work environments, the growth of digital businesses, and new asset classes like private and public clouds all combine to complicate an already complex discipline. Gartner cites two ways to combat IT asset complexity — strategic governance and optimised tactical ITAM administration. While governance may take years to actualise, operationalITAM efficiency can immediately address some of the most challenging issues, including:

  • Incomplete or outdated asset inventory due to siloed systems, manual processes, and stretched-thin resources
  • Inability to quickly identify changes in the environment due to disconnected data sources and misalignment with security
  • Managing hybrid infrastructure — having visibility and control of a mix of on-premise data centres and private and/or public clouds
  • Missed SLAs due to downtime associated with security events and changes in the environment
  • Unpatched assets, which can impact functionality, performance, and more

Enforcing assets that fall out of compliance with security policies and frameworks is time-consuming and manual

How Customers Use Axonius to Optimise IT Operations

Our unique approach is driven by adapters, which are pre-built API integrations. By connecting Axonius to the IT and security management solutions you already use, you gain complete context on any device or user in your environment. By collecting, correlating and deduplicating asset and user data from your existing tools, Axonius can:

  • Deliver a credible, comprehensive, and always up-to-date asset inventory
  • Identify coverage gaps to know any time an asset deviates from IT or security policies
  • Automatically validate policies and let customers decide what automated actions to trigger any time an asset doesn’t adhere to their policy
  • Manage and control hybrid infrastructures
  • Identify devices needing security patches and enforce compliance with patch management policies

Common IT operations questions customers answerwith the Axonius platform are:

  • How do I ensure I have an accurate, comprehensive asset inventory?
  • How can I find unmanaged devices, devices with missing or broken IT and security agents, or devices that need patches?
  • How can I improve SLAn response time and reduce MTTR?

How Customers Use Axonius for DevOps

Visibility into a unified and comprehensive asset inventory is foundational to DevOps teams, who operate in dynamic environments and complex infrastructures. The agile nature of their work can inadvertently cause misalignment with security policies, opening the organisation to potential compromise. DevOps teams use Axonius to:

  • Gain a real-time, unified view of all assets in an environment including cloud, physical, and virtual devices
  • Track and identify changes to ephemeral devices such as virtual machines, containers, and unknown devices

Manage hybrid infrastructure — on-prem data centre assets, and the migration of data centres to public and private cloud environments

Common DevOps questions customers answer with the Axonius platform are:

  • How can I best automate my asset inventory process so I can reallocate     resources to more innovative endeavours?
  • How can I securely account for  all my     cloud assets and feel confident in workload configurations?
  • How do I align DevOps with security to avoid SLA downtime associated with     security events and changes in the environment?

Key Benefits: Axonius for IT and DevOps

  • Automatically get a full, comprehensive inventory of all unique assets across the enterprise — regardless of location, uptime, or power state — in just hours
  • Reduce mean time to inventory
  • Track software versioning and unsanctioned software
  • Get a real-time, unified view of multi-cloud and virtual environments or enrich and reconcile differences with CMDBs
  • Track and manage servers across data centres, offices, and cloud platforms
  • Reliably transition on-premise assets to data center and cloud
  • Unify cloud assets across all major providers to identify misconfigurations and policy lapses
  • Identify unauthorized devices on restricted network segments and devices with missing or broken security agents, or find and control unmanaged devices
  • Trace and assess all devices in dynamic environments to uncover solution overlap and determine where to eliminate redundancies
  • Accelerate incident response investigations by gaining a singular correlated view into devices and associated users
  • Assist IT and help desk teams resolve issues faster with a single source of truth for any device
  • Reduce downtime and MTTR by automating essential data gathering tasks and reduce the time spent conducting manual data collection and contextualization by up to 50%
  • Simplify lifecycle management by easily identifying gaps in IT hygiene
  • Gain instant access to patch status and quickly identify devices and software missing security patches

We have all these different sources. They don'treconcile very easily. We can't do it manually. It's too much data. But thisproduct takes all that information and does it for you with minimal overhead.Axonius took what we thought we knew about our assets and gave us something alot closer to the truth.

– Mike Conroy, Assistant Manager of InformationSecurity Risk Management at Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU)

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