Introducing ThreatModeler

The Impact Team completes the integration of ThreatModeler into their portfolio of services following the acquisition of Glock Enterprises earlier this year by enrolling onto the ThreatNet Partner Programme.

A leader in threat modelling and securing cloud infrastructure from design to deployment, ThreatModeler software was created to address the shortcomings of data flow diagrams, bring threat modelling capabilities in-house and make it scalable. The vision for ThreatModeler software is to be able to model ALL the threats, automatically, with no security expertise required. 

ThreatModeler software enables you to design in security from the start, in lock step with your DevOps workflow. Here are just a few examples of the benefits

·      Automatically convert your diagrams into threat models—no data flow diagrams required

·      Automatically see all threats based on your threat model—no brainstorming required

·      Automatically update your threat model based on new threats without doing anything

·      Automatically generate cloud architecture diagrams simply by scanning your VPC

·      Integrate with ITSM (e.g., JIRA) to instantly turn a security requirement into a service ticket

This partnership reinforces ThreatModeler’s focus on building strong relationships with committed partners that are aligned with the company’s proactive, secure-by-design approach to security. 

The key solutions offered by the program are ThreatModeler, CloudModeler and IaC Assist, all of which enable users to meet their security requirements holistically and efficiently. 

“We’ve seen great success with partners integrating our solutions into their portfolio, and this partnership with The Impact Team only augments the benefits we bring to the ecosystem,” said Erika Trenkle, Director of Strategic Alliances, ThreatModeler. “Our partner program rewards partners for their capabilities, growth and commitment, while also providing a competitive advantage with deal registration and predictable recurring revenue that results in sustainable customer satisfaction.”

Global Head of Software and Services for the Impact Team, Peter Glock says “We’ve been successfully working with ThreatModeler since 2018 and we’re thrilled to be building on the close ties we have. Threat Modelling as a core discipline for us is strategically very important as it’s the lead conversation we have with our clients and the one that prioritises all other change and transformation activity. The combination of automated tools from ThreatModeler with professional services from the Impact Team allows any enterprise to build a program to identify threats, prioritise by business risk, establish effective controls, and monitor as part of your DevOps workflow.”

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