Why are IAM processes no longer fit for purpose in protecting against insider threats?

March 10, 2023

In this episode, Felix Bailey-Murray talks to Mark Rothwell-Brooks (the Impact Team), and Mark Rodbert (idax software) about why organisations need to improve how they protect themselves against insider threat.

We discuss the processes and controls behind access management, highlighting the key differences between them and the need for better understanding of the topic. We also talk about why existing tools are mostly out of date, why the regular entitlement review is so hated, and what organisations can do about it.

Felix Bailey-Murray
Experience Design Architect
Mark Rothwell-Brooks
Chief Executive
idax profile image
Mark Rodbert
CEO of idax Software
Headshots of Mike, John and Felix
Mike Davey
Practices Director

John Walsh
Experience Director

Felix Bailey-Murray
Associate UX Consultant


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