What is the future of remote working?

December 13, 2022

In this episode, Felix is joined by Sophia, Dave, Jake and Ed to continue the conversation on remote working - this time, focusing on what lies ahead.

Remote working has become a commonplace term over the last few years, but is it here to stay? Drawing on experience and insight from across both the resourcing and consulting sectors, we discuss the benefits and challenges that remote working has already created, and how those might develop and change if remote working remains an intrinsic part of the way businesses operate.

Felix Bailey-Murray
Experience Design Architect
Ed Rothwell-Brooks
Business Analyst
Jake Needham
Project Manager
Dave O'Shea
Account Manager
Sophia Brammer
Delivery Director
Headshots of Mike, John and Felix
Mike Davey
Practices Director

John Walsh
Experience Director

Felix Bailey-Murray
Associate UX Consultant


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