Introducing a Limited Series with idax software

January 23, 2023

In this episode, Chris talks to Mark Rothwell-Brooks, CEO of the Impact Team, and Mark Rodbert, CEO of idax software, about the recent strategic alliance between our two organisations.

We discuss the value that idax provides in the cybersecurity space, why we formed an alliance, and how we see this adding value to both our clients and the industry. This limited series will explore four key topics in the cybersecurity space, offering insight into how your organisation could improve and secure its risk posture.

Chris Creissen
Client Partnership Director
Mark Rothwell-Brooks
Chief Executive
idax profile image
Mark Rodbert
CEO of idax Software
Headshots of Mike, John and Felix
Mike Davey
Practices Director

John Walsh
Experience Director

Felix Bailey-Murray
Associate UX Consultant


The Impact Team Podcast is a series of semi-regular chats about a wide range of topics with the occasional special guest.