How is idax changing the way organisations can mitigate cyber threats?

October 17, 2023

In this episode, Chris talks to Mark Rothwell-Brooks (the Impact Team) and Mark Rodbert (idax software) about how the idax analytics platform can be used inside an organisation.

We discuss why idax was created, how it works, and why this is different to the typical model of the annual entitlement review. We go into more detail about some specific use-cases of the software, and how analytics and wider process changes combined can make a real difference to your organisation.

Mark Rothwell-Brooks
Chief Executive
Chris Creissen
Client Partnership Director
idax profile image
Mark Rodbert
CEO of idax Software
Headshots of Mike, John and Felix
Mike Davey
Practices Director

John Walsh
Experience Director

Felix Bailey-Murray
Associate UX Consultant


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