Transformation Practice

Our transformation practice houses a range of Discovery as a Service offerings, as well as core Change Execution, Staff Augmentation and PMI capabilities. All geared to manage your change journey in an effective and measurable fashion.

Post Merger Integration


We specialise in transforming the complexities of M&A into a seamless integration experience, ensuring that your company not only survives but thrives. With our expert guidance, you'll navigate the post-merger landscape with confidence.

Companies that deliver integration well achieve growth of 6-12% higher than those that don’t
Mckinsey survey on Global M&A Capabilities

At the Impact Team, we’ll make sure you do it well.

With 70% of M&A’s failing because of non-existing planning, cultural misalignment and poorly executed diligence, knowing whether your M&A is a scale or scope deal, spinning up the IMO, addressing the power issues with your people and knowing what risks to mitigate in the early stages is absolutely critical.

The Impact Team guide you through the first critical phases with your own 100 day M&A plan tailored to your firm. Click here to learn more

Discovery as a service

Free Threat Discovery Workshop

What is it?
A way to quickly identify the information threats facing your operation, convert threats into risks to your business, and start the process to establish controls which mitigate the risks.

Why do it?
Drives prioritisation of security projects.

Threat Modelling

ThreatModeler is an innovative, automated threat modelling platform designed to enhance the security of software development lifecycles. By simplifying the threat modelling process, item powers organisations to proactively identify, understand, and mitigate potential security risks. Its collaborative approach ensures that both security and development teams can effectively communicate and address vulnerabilities, making it an indispensable tool for any security-conscious organisation.

Service Objective
The primary goal of ThreatModeler is to provide a user-friendly, automated framework that bridges the gap between security and development teams. By visualising system architectures, including components, data flows, and external entities, it facilitates a deep understanding of potential security risks. This proactive identification and mitigation of threats ensure that applications and systems are designed with security at their core, significantly reducing the risk of future vulnerabilities.

Understand the importance and how we can help you at any stage of your threat modelling maturity by reading our:

ThreatModeler Service Description

Asset Discovery

What is it?
A comprehensive audit and ongoing  monitoring of all your deployed assets. By connecting to hundreds of data sources, Axonius gives IT and security teams a comprehensive inventory, uncovers gaps, and triggers automated response actions whenever devices, users, and SaaS apps deviate from policies, controls, and expectations.

Why do it?
Manual cyber asset inventories require an average of 86 hours of labour and need to happen 16 times a year. Even then, you won’t have an updated, unified view of everything in your environment, leaving you open to unknown gaps in security. With Axonius and the Impact Team , asset inventories are easy — and immediate.

Read more about Axonius here.

Or see details on how we can help you take advantage of Axonius:

Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Discovery Service Description
Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform Service Description

Posture Control

What is it?
Posture Control is a view across all of your cloud footprint for misconfigurations, failures in your Joiners/Movers/Leavers process, anomalous behaviours, in fact anything that leads to increased risk in your cloud operations.

Why do it?
Automate your cloud security management to drive down costs and bring dynamic environments under control.

Map your cloud app security posture to major industry and regulatory frameworks (e.g., CIS, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS) to ensure automated, continuous cloud compliance reporting. Discover advanced threats and hidden attack vectors by correlating suspicious activities, configuration errors, and vulnerabilities. And…Secure human and machine identities while enforcing least-privileged access.

DSAR Response on Demand

Manually responding to a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) request is massively costly in FTE effort. You have a time boxed 30 days to respond and you need to work fast.

Our DSAR Response on Demand is powered by our partner firm Contextul. And their market-leading product, PrivacyManager™. Renowned for its ability in compliance automation, PrivacyManager™ stands as a beacon of efficiency in managing DSARs. 

We install the software into your environment and within hours you can start to pull together the data to be able to respond. The license expires after your 30 day regulatory window closes and you’ve successfully delivered back the response.

The service is fixed price at £5k.

Access Our DSAR Response Calculator.

Entitlement Discovery

Do you know what entitlements your employees have assigned to them? Are these entitlements applied against a specific role type that you have assigned to your employees?

This 5 day, fixed price service is pitched at £5k and using our Business Visualisation tooling, we are able to map out all the entitlements of your employees across your line managers, departments, entities and enterprise. We provide you with clarity of who has got access to what and, perhaps more importantly, where the risk candidates are; the ones that compared to “normal”, look suspicious.

The service is the first step in undertaking a more embracing review of your JML (Joiner Mover Leaver) business processes.

If you require a comprehensive view very quickly of who has what and how this looks on a risk heatmap, then this service is for you.

Download our service description for greater details about how we can enable entitlement risk management:  

Entitlement Discovery Service Description

Execution Services

Kick Start a Project

What is it?
Execution  of change is what we do. We take the 35-page strategy document that you’ve paid the wrong price for and tell you what we’re doing on day 1, day 30, day 60, day 90.  We believe  change is a constant and as such “execution” fashioned in a certain optimised way, is ,not in of itself a milestone on a plan – it’s a business usual activity from day 1.

We deliver this way of working and bootstrap you execution and delivery capability quickly, immediately and with energy.

Why do it?
You’re already committed to a book of work and don’t have the bandwidth to quickly mobilise – hire us and we’ll spin up your project and governance immediately.

Staff Augmentation

A strong core team with experience across all the specialist capabilities required will help you reach your milestones faster. We have years of experience delivering resources in multiple technologies and domains.

We possess the capability to deliver the advanced skills and high-demand technologies that you do not have in-house, boosting application development projects and digital IT projects in both cloud and on-prem environments.

Showcasing The PMI Service

Companies who trust us

We can help define what success looks like to your business and what your customers need.

We then shape the best products, teams and processes to deliver digital products that delight.