Transformation Practice

Our transformation practice houses a range of Discovery as a Service offerings, as well as core Change Execution, Fintech Adoption and PMI capabilities. All geared to manage your change journey in an effective and measurable fashion.

Post Merger Integration


We specialise in transforming the complexities of M&A into a seamless integration experience, ensuring that your company not only survives but thrives. With our expert guidance, you'll navigate the post-merger landscape with confidence.

Companies that deliver integration well achieve growth of 6-12% higher than those that don’t
Mckinsey survey on Global M&A Capabilities

At the Impact Team, we’ll make sure you do it well.

With 70% of M&A’s failing because of non-existing planning, cultural misalignment and poorly executed diligence, knowing whether your M&A is a scale or scope deal, spinning up the IMO, addressing the power issues with your people and knowing what risks to mitigate in the early stages is absolutely critical.

The Impact Team guide you through the first critical phases with your own 100 day M&A plan tailored to your firm. Click here to learn more

Discovery as a service

Threat Discovery Workshop

What is it?
A way to quickly identify the information threats facing your operation, convert threats into risks to your business, and start the process to establish controls which mitigate the risks.

Why do it?
Drives prioritisation of security projects.

Threat Modelling

What is it?
A leader in threat modelling and securing cloud infrastructure from design to deployment, ThreatModeler software was created to address the shortcomings of data flow diagrams, bring threat modelling capabilities in-house and make it scalable. The vision for ThreatModeler software is to be able to model ALL the threats, automatically, with no security expertise required.

We can map out your application, highlight the threats inherent  with how it’s been deployed and deliver your enterprise with a  remediation plan integrated into your service desk ticketing system.

Why do it?
Mitigate your current risks or bake  Threat modelling into your design process.

Asset Discovery

What is it?
A comprehensive audit and ongoing  monitoring of all your deployed assets. By connecting to hundreds of data sources, Axonius gives IT and security teams a comprehensive inventory, uncovers gaps, and triggers automated response actions whenever devices, users, and SaaS apps deviate from policies, controls, and expectations.

Why do it?
Manual cyber asset inventories require an average of 86 hours of labour and need to happen 16 times a year. Even then, you won’t have an updated, unified view of everything in your environment, leaving you open to unknown gaps in security. With Axonius and the Impact Team , asset inventories are easy — and immediate.

Data Discovery & TCO

With application licensing a material part of any IT budget, understanding your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is essential, especially as the industry moves towards adopting cloud-based services at pace.  
Enterprise search solutions can help organisations save on storage costs by identifying redundant or outdated information. Additionally, they can aid in risk reduction by ensuring that employees access only accurate and up-to-date information. British Telecom (BT) reported savings of £120 million ($170 million) after implementing an enterprise search solution. This was attributed to reduced storage costs, better information management, and risk reduction through the elimination of duplicate and outdated information.  
We've partnered with leading technology firms like SimSage who can provide a method of auditing and costing your application estate and providing insights into the areas where cost inefficiencies can be detected and actionable steps can be taken to quickly turn this around.

Posture Control

What is it?
Posture Control is a view across all of your cloud footprint for misconfigurations, failures in your Joiners/Movers/Leavers process, anomalous behaviours, in fact anything that leads to increased risk in your cloud operations.

Why do it?
Automate your cloud security management to drive down costs and bring dynamic environments under control.

Map your cloud app security posture to major industry and regulatory frameworks (e.g., CIS, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS) to ensure automated, continuous cloud compliance reporting. Discover advanced threats and hidden attack vectors by correlating suspicious activities, configuration errors, and vulnerabilities. And…Secure human and machine identities while enforcing least-privileged access.

Insider Risk Discovery

When businesses focus on preventing cyber attacks through perimeter security and authentication - even with mandatory security training - this represents an imperfect understanding of how threats originate and proliferate. 82% of ransomware incidents are the result of either negligent or malicious insiders.  
We've partnered with idax – a pioneer in the emerging field of identity analytics and access risk discovery. As idax's delivery partners, we can implement the idax Risk Manager platform in your organisation within hours, spotting employees with access to data they shouldn’t have, all without knowing anything about your day-to-day business.

Better Risk Resilience

Insider threat and the cost of ransomware is consistently ranked as one of the top three security issues by senior executives. However, IT Security is typically seen as the exclusive domain of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) function. This is yesterday’s solution applied to today’s problem: cyber-resilience should be the responsibility of every business function.

Building on our Insider Risk Discovery service, we can deliver large-scale cultural and operational change throughout your organisation, to help your entire business build risk resilience. We do this by enabling your organisation's line management with the idax platform, enabling teams across the business to take ownership of their risk profile.

Data Search & Compliance

Today, employees are spending over 400 hundred hours each year trying to find the information they need, resulting in astronomical operational costs and a major loss of potential business opportunities. With the vast amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), confidential memos and trade secrets being stored in largely unstructured format, it is crucial for organisations to keep track of their sensitive data and ensure it is being managed securely.

We partner with SimSage, the world's leading Intelligent Information Management Platform, to give our customers deep insights into where their data is, what it is, and how to manage and control it, saving thousands of pounds and wasted human effort.

Fintech Adoption

Fintech Adoption

What is it?
An execution capability that allows you to understand, implement and leverage the benefit of a fintech solution into your organisation. We work with both the receiving organisation to help optimise the value and measure the success, in addition to the fintech themselves who benefit from an execution and implementation partner.

Why do it?
If you’re a fintech firm yourselves, you love your product – do you have an implementation partner who are well seasoned in execution within large complex, ofter regulated environments with plenty of legacy debt to worry about.  We are that partner.  

If you’re an organisation that  is looking to leverage the power of a fintech solution, but dread the hurdles,  hoops and loops you know you need to navigate and and recognise the need to hire a execution focused firm to get the product in, you’d hire us.

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