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Our discovery services help your organisation explore and articulate your current position in two fundamental business areas: risk and cost.

Discovery & Insight

Insider Risk Discovery

When businesses focus on preventing cyber attacks through perimeter security and authentication - even with mandatory security training - this represents an imperfect understanding of how threats originate and proliferate. 82% of ransomware incidents are the result of either negligent or malicious insiders.

We've partnered with idax – a pioneer in the emerging field of identity analytics and access risk discovery. As idax's delivery partners, we can implement the idax Risk Manager platform in your organisation within hours, spotting employees with access to data they shouldn’t have, all without knowing anything about your day-to-day business.

Data Discovery & TCO

With application licensing a material part of any IT budget, understanding your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is essential, especially as the industry moves towards adopting cloud-based services at pace.

Enterprise search solutions can help organisations save on storage costs by identifying redundant or outdated information. Additionally, they can aid in risk reduction by ensuring that employees access only accurate and up-to-date information. British Telecom (BT) reported savings of £120 million ($170 million) after implementing an enterprise search solution. This was attributed to reduced storage costs, better information management, and risk reduction through the elimination of duplicate and outdated information.

We've partnered with leading technology firms like SimSage who can provide a method of auditing and costing your application estate and providing insights into the areas where cost inefficiencies can be detected and actionable steps can be taken to quickly turn this around.

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