Change Execution

Our change execution services are designed to support and accelerate digital change activities, from planning to implementation.

Whether you are about to commence on a change project, or if you recognise you need to rescue a failing initiative we help.  

Whether you  are thinking of implementing some new cutting edge Fintech solution or are in need of Post Merger Integration (PMI) execution expertise to assist with a newly acquired asset, we help..

Fintech Adoption

What is it?
An execution capability that allows you to understand, implement and leverage the benefit of a fintech solution into your organisation. We work with both the receiving organisation to help optimise the value and measure the success, in addition to the fintech themselves who benefit from an execution and implementation partner.

Why do it?
If you’re a fintech firm yourselves, you love your product – do you have an implementation partner who are well seasoned in execution within large complex, ofter regulated environments with plenty of legacy debt to worry about.  We are that partner.  

If you’re an organisation that  is looking to leverage the power of a fintech solution, but dread the hurdles,  hoops and loops you know you need to navigate and and recognise the need to hire a execution focused firm to get the product in, you’d hire us.

Bootstrap a New Project

What is it?
Execution  of change is what we do. We take the 35-page strategy document that you’ve paid the wrong price for and tell you what we’re doing on day 1, day 30, day 60, day 90.  We believe  change is a constant and as such “execution” fashioned in a certain optimised way, is ,not in of itself a milestone on a plan – it’s a business usual activity from day 1. We deliver this way of working and bootstrap you execution and delivery capability quickly, immediately and with energy.

Why do it?
You’re already committed to a book of work and don’t have the bandwidth to quickly mobilise – hire us and we’ll spin up your project  and governance immediately.

Rescue a Failed Project

What is it?
We’ve all been involved in projects that are not delivering against their original objective in the time  thought to be appropriate or for the budget originally allocated. We course correct this by employing skills execution change agents into you project.

Why do it?
Time, Budget, or Quality.  There’s an old saying that you must pick 2 out of three because  you can’t have them all. It’s rubbish – you can. Whether you’re not hitting the timescales,  you’re over budget and  there no apparent end to monthly burn or the quality of the product or outcome is below par, you should hire us for 6 weeks and we’ll course correct, re-baseline and get you back on track.

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

What is it?
Companies that deliver integration well achieve growth of 6-12% higher than those that don’t – so say McKinsey, and we agree with them.

Over 70% of M&A deals fail because of a lack of specific expertise and resource  leading to Poor Execution of the IMO, non-existent planning, cultural misalignment and poorly executed due diligence.  This is a service that provides your organisation with the blueprint of how to more effective integrate the asset you are about or have recently bought.

We provide you with your version of an integration plan that covers the main aspects you should concentrate on in the first 100 days.

Why do it?
This is the critical period post acquisition to kick start the integration process. Most organisations miss the opportunity to capitalise on the momentum gather leading up to the closure as they are so relieved of actually getting the deal over the line. We take the batton on, push the firm to start the integration  process to deliver the benefit promised to the shareholders, either a reduction in combined operational cost or an increase in sales to a broader set of customers, or both.

Companies who trust us

We can help define what success looks like to your business and what your customers need.

We then shape the best products, teams and processes to deliver digital products that delight.