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Our change management services are designed to support and accelerate digital change activities, from planning to implementation.

Change Management


Regardless of your organisation's delivery methods, effective planning, risk, and dependency management are vital to deliver any change portfolio.

Our change consultants will drive the creation of a bespoke programme plan for your organisation, within the context of either waterfall, Agile, or a combination of both delivery methods. We pay close attention to your organisation's OKR measures, address the key needs of your change initiative, and create a prioritised roadmap based on where the most value can be delivered.

Agile Bootstrap

Many organisations struggle to leverage the power of Agile delivery because the move from large, infrequent releases to smaller more frequent releases requires a fundamentally different mindset and approach.

We fast-track Agile execution methods into your organisation using a proven framework of governance fora, controls, and reporting that is ready to be unpacked and applied from day one. We drive the formation of the cross-functional teams, backlogs, ceremonies, and release trains required to effectively embed an Agile workflow.

An Agile Bootstrap engagement takes 3 sprint cycles and is an effective way of initially implementing or re-invigorating your execution cadence.

Implementation & Integration

Change implementation activities often stall because of a lack of capacity, knowledge, direction, or impetus.

Whatever the reason, we provide the necessary drive and impetus to focus your change implementation initiative. Our change implementation specialists can be deployed to lead or augment your change programme, providing you with additional capacity and knowledge at critical moments in your change journey. Pervasive throughout our DNA is an execution mantra that delivers a steady stream of incremental wins, which grow and gain momentum, resulting in an extended team that has a belief in delivering success.

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