Advisory Practice

We enhance your ability to mitigate the effects of cybercrime by bolstering your organisational cyber resilience and creating secure environments through the most efficient and economical methods, technologies, and strategies.

We provide a fractional C-Suite service that ensures you benefit from senior leadership on a utilitarian cost effective basis.

Fractional C-Suite

Our fractional C-Suite service allows companies to access the expertise of a seasoned senior leadership on a flexible basis, tailored to their specific needs and budget constraints, making it a practical solution for many small and medium-sized businesses seeking to leverage technology for their growth and success.

  • Part-Time Commitment: We typically work on a part-time basis, which could range from a few hours per week to a few days per month, depending on your specific needs.
  • Cost-Effective: This arrangement is often more cost-effective for companies that don't require a full-time C-suite executive but still need high-level technology advice and strategy. It allows them to tap into expertise without the expense of a full-time salary and benefits.
  • Strategic Guidance: The fractional C-Suite Service serves as a strategic advisor, helping you make informed decisions about technology investments, innovation, and long-term planning. We can provide insights on technology trends, best practices, and industry standards.
  • Technology Assessment: We can assess your current technology infrastructure and processes to identify areas for improvement or optimisation and can recommend changes and upgrades to enhance efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Team Mentoring: In some cases, we may work with the existing technology team, providing mentorship and guidance to help them improve their skills and achieve your technology goals.
  • Risk Management: We help mitigate technology-related risks, including cybersecurity threats, compliance issues, and data privacy concerns. We develop strategies to protect the your technology assets.
  • Objective Perspective: Our clients find we often brings an objective perspective to the organisation, free from internal biases, which can be valuable in decision-making.

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