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Our tooling & processes services ensure your organisation is well-equipped to tackle any challenge, and that the way you work is properly optimised for lasting success.

Tooling & Processes

Data Search & Compliance

Today, employees are spending over 400 hundred hours each year trying to find the information they need, resulting in astronomical operational costs and a major loss of potential business opportunities. With the vast amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), confidential memos and trade secrets being stored in largely unstructured format, it is crucial for organisations to keep track of their sensitive data and ensure it is being managed securely.

We partner with SimSage, the world's leading Intelligent Information Management Platform, to give our customers deep insights into where their data is, what it is, and how to manage and control it, saving thousands of pounds and wasted human effort.

DevOps Bootstrap

For most organisations, putting products live into production is one of the hardest things to achieve. Layers of inefficient legacy systems, coupled with complicated and arduous processes or regulations result in significant and time-consuming blockers that need to be navigated carefully.

We bootstrap your organisation's capacity to both create and move products through your development environments and into production. We do this by driving a degree of automation and control that is the essential rocket fuel enabler for rapid, frequent, incremental delivery. We will reduce your deployment timescales from weeks to days, from days to hours and from hours to minutes.

Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption is well-known to deliver scale and flexibility for any organisation, and yet the operational implications of this adoption are significant. We help organisations leverage cloud solutions by instituting the appropriate tools and processes that need to be in place in order to achieve the full benefits of the cloud.

Better Risk Resilience

Insider threat and the cost of ransomware is consistently ranked as one of the top three security issues by senior executives. However, IT Security is typically seen as the exclusive domain of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) function. This is yesterday’s solution applied to today’s problem: cyber-resilience should be the responsibility of every business function.

Building on our Insider Risk Discovery service, we can deliver large-scale cultural and operational change throughout your organisation, to help your entire business build risk resilience. We do this by enabling your organisation's line management with the idax platform, enabling teams across the business to take ownership of their risk profile.

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