Our capabilities: Tooling & Processes

When you understand the current state of your organisation and what you need to make progress, it's important to act on this immediately. It's easy to continue to use your existing tools and processes because changing them might be too disruptive, but at what cost? We believe that identifying the correct tools for the job is an important first step, and the real impact is made when your organisation has hands-on experience of how they would work in the day-to-day.

We've got years of experience delivering digital transformation for large organisations, and together with our new technology partnerships, we can quickly identify the right tooling for your organisation and then implement the necessary processes to get that technology firmly and effectively embedded - right from day one.

Services Overview

Search: Data Search & Compliance (with SimSage)

The ability to search across your whole enterprise for all kinds of data, meeting regulatory requirements and improving productivity.

View the Data Search & Compliance service →

Resilience: Better Risk Resilience (with idax software)

The ability to take ownership of your risk profile by delivering large-scale cultural change, and enabling line management with the appropriate tools.

View the Better Risk Resilience service →

DevOps Bootstrap

Dramatically reduce your deployment timescales by introducing automation, control and governance.

View the DevOps Bootstrap service →

Cloud Adoption

Leverage cloud solutions by instituting the appropriate tools and processes that need to be in place to achieve the full benefits of the cloud.

View the Cloud Adoption service →

We're really excited about the value that these new partnerships and new services will be able to bring to our customers. If you'd like to hear more about any of our services, get in touch.

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