Our capabilities: Discovery & Insight

In the digital world, change is inevitable, and your organisation is doing it - consciously or not. We believe that everyone is able to harness that change and steer their team, department or organisation in the right direction, seeing positive results straight away. However, before that can happen, it's really important to have a benchmark about the current state of affairs.

We've struck up partnerships with some pioneering, best-in-class technology companies to address the two most fundamental areas in your business: risk and cost. Our Discovery & Insight capability contains a carefully curated set of services that can be delivered into your organisation within days, to give you a view of your current situation like you've never seen it before.

Services Overview

Authorisation: Insider Risk Discovery (with idax software)

Provides the ability to review application entitlements within your enterprise, reducing the risk of your employees having access to things they don't need.

View the Insider Risk Discovery service →

Cost of Ownership: Data Discovery & TCO (with SimSage)

The ability to map data across your entire enterprise, with an eye on TCO reductions.

View the Data Discovery & TCO service →

Enterprise Search: Data Mapping & Search (with SimSage)

The ability to provide deep insights into where your data is, what it is, and how to manage and control it.

View the Data Mapping & Search service →

We're really excited about the value that these new partnerships and new services will be able to bring to our customers. If you'd like to hear more about any of our services, get in touch.

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