Introducing our strategic alliance with idax

For the last decade, it’s been open season for cybercriminals as they developed ever more effective strategies and honed insider compromising techniques. At the same time, the thinking of those responsible for keeping the enterprise safe - the security industry, Chief Information Security Officers, the C-suite - have not kept up with the pace of change.

A continued focus on preventing entry through perimeter security and authentication, along with mandatory security training to prevent staff compromise, represents an imperfect understanding of how threats originate and proliferate. 82% of ransomware incidents are the result of either negligent or malicious insiders.

The Impact Team is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with idax, a pioneer in the emerging area of identity analytics.

The idax solution is uniquely built around people. idax finds staff that have elevated risk from excessive access, and give management the tools they need to make well-informed decisions, tracking success through intuitive reports and feedback. This approach reflects changing Identity and Access Management priorities, moving away from process efficiency and towards effective risk management.

However, identification and remediation is only one part of the picture. Ongoing resilience to risk can only be truly realised if there is a fundamental change in organisational mindset and culture when it comes to managing risk. At the Impact Team, our heritage and expertise in delivering digital transformation for large organisations means that we can offer real value to the way that you embed risk management and resilience initiatives into your working practices.

For some time, we’ve had the vision of extremely effective cyber defence, combining both state of the art analytics and a transformation in the way organisations behave towards cyber threats. Only now, through this alliance, are we fully able to realise that vision for our clients.

- Mark Rodbert, CEO of idax Software

If you’d like to learn more about the access and authorisation space, idax have recently released a whitepaper on the topic entitled ‘Post-pandemic vulnerabilities exposed by hybrid working and the distributed workforce’.

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