Introducing our partnership with SimSage

The Impact Team Joins Forces with SimSage a Revolutionary Partnership in Information Management

As the adage goes, "data is the new oil", underlining its critical importance as an economic driver. Today, the prolific expansion of data is astonishing. Recent statistics indicate that every person will generate approximately 1.7 megabytes of new data every second by 2023.

This colossal increase in data creation is posing a tremendous challenge for organisations worldwide: how to manage the relentless data proliferation? Failure to manage data effectively can expose organisations to significant risks such as breaches of data privacy, compliance failures, and financial losses.

Recognising these challenges, The Impact Team, a renowned digital change management company, is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with SimSage, a leader in intelligent information management. This strategic partnership aims to address the growing demand for more effective data management and governance solutions.

Sim Sage’s technology uses advance semantic search to identify key data points across three hundred file types returning results in seconds. The identification of duplicate files, and the discovery of “Dark Data” (the unused, unstructured data that often flies under the radar), is particularly challenging with legacy systems especially if your search term differs from the actual words used in a document.

Through Sim Sage’s advanced analytics, organisations can now shine a light on dark data and make informed decisions based on information that would have otherwise remained invisible. Once the information has been found, SimSage Evolve, enables you to automate the required processes through a user-centric workflow system that the Impact Team helps you to define.

The Impact Team as a strategic partner provides systems integration support and acts as that guiding force, ensuring a smooth transition, and helping organisations to embrace the new way of managing their data.

"Organisations of all types and sizes are now struggling under a mountain of data that continues to grow every day. We all collect this to run our businesses, service our customers, and meet legislative compliance. However, a lot of that information is duplicated or contains Personal Identifiable Information (PII),and the risks to the organisation include spiralling data storage costs now severely affecting the bottom-line, or non-compliance with GDPR and otherPrivacy legislation that poses increasingly punitive fines. The complementary skills and experience within our Alliance give our customers confidence that we have their backs in managing data storage costs, data find ability, and reducing the risk of non-compliance"
Sean Wilson – CEO SimSage

If you’d like to learn more aboutIntelligent Information Management, SimSage are offering a “lunch and learn”, session to establish your organisations data posture.

In the time it takes you to have lunch, we can provide you with a critical data assessment that might just change the way you think about data!

Click here to book a session.

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